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Helmet Reconditioning 

After the helmets are removed from the shipping bags, they are racked and inventoried.  The second stage is the disassembly of the helmets.  All hardware is removed front the helmet.  All facemasks chin straps, jaw pads, and components are removed from the helmet and placed in mesh bags for washing and sanitizing.  The shell is checked for cracks and excessive wear.  Helmet shells are buffed, sanded and washed in a helmet washing machine in preparation for a clear coat finish or painting. The high-pressure nozzles and disinfecting solution used in the washing process removes all dirt and build-up from the previous season.    After shell preparation, helmet shells are moved to the paint department.  Each helmet is painted or clear-coated using only manufacturer approved materials. 

  After the shell is prepared, the reassembly process begins.  The first step is the inspection and installation of internal components.  All interior components are inspected and as needed, inflated to check for bad valves and air leaks.  Only new, original manufacturers’ parts are used to replace defective components.  After cleaning and sanitizing, jaw pads and chin straps are inspected.  All worn jaw pads and chin straps are replaced and assembly continues.  New helmet hardware is installed.  Cleaned and inspected facemasks, along with replacement facemask, are reinstalled with new attachment hardware.  Each helmet is sized and a warning sticker is placed on the back of the helmet.  Helmets are then moved to final inspection, a sticker is then placed inside each approved helmet stating the helmet has been recertified, the year of recertification, and the name of the reconditioned.  Each helmet is individually bagged and then boxed for shipment. 

   In addition to the above process, a random sampling of each helmet order is drop-tested before and after reconditioning according to the procedures set forth to met the NOCSAE recertification standard 

   Capitol Varsity follows the recommended procedures as outlined by all helmet manufacturers in the care of their product.  Capitol Varsity will not wavier in its attempt to provide the utmost quality at the fairest price.   







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