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Shoulder Pads Reconditioning 

After pads are removed from shipping bags, a survey is done to determine the proper process for the cleaning of each shoulder pad.  All pads are cleaned and sanitized.  Cleaning rids pads of dirt, while sanitizing eliminates germs, body salts, and mildew causing agents that can damage cloth and padding.  All pads are then placed in our large drying room where warm air is circulated for complete water evaporation.  We do not tumble dry our shoulder pads. 

A detailed inspection follows to determine what repairs are needed.  Cracked parts, worn or missing rivets and loose sewing are but a few areas inspected and repaired.  All pads receive new elastic and laces.  Rusty hardware is replaced with new hardware.  Shoulder pads are inspected and hand waxed before being boxed for shipment.  Auxiliary pads and neck rolls are repaired in the same manner.




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